Bay Area Air Conditioning Companies

Servicing your air conditioner in the South Bay Area should be a routine part of the  to-do list for maintaining your home or commercial space’s comfort and the viability of a savings-strategy energy budget. AC servicing is like tuning your car—it contributes to optimum performance, is preventative and keeps repair or replacement costs down. Consider that if you don’t maintain your AC system each year it will lost 5% of its original efficiency each year. Translate that into SEER ratings and a 12 SEER unit bought a few years ago is now functioning at the level of a 9 SEER unit. That is a major drop. AC Air conditioner service for San Jose San Mateo Sunnyvale Los Altos—all hot zones and energy expensive areas—should be done annually. Sandium’s philosophy on service is to work closely with our customers to schedule maintenance, keep it affordable and to stay current in the latest technological AC advances.

Studies show that with regular maintenance an AC system will retain 95% of its efficiency over its life cycle. San Jose San Mateo Los Altos Sunnyvale air conditioning service: call us today to learn how our maintenance expertise can return your unit to the highest possible energy efficiency and more savings.And if you haven’t had maintenance for awhile, much of that lost efficiency can be recovered with a Sandium service.